Who we are

WORKIT  Solutions, is a specialist Recruitment Consultancy within the IT industry. We help client facing individuals at all levels secure career positions, focusing exclusively on the IT suppliers sector (be they software vendor, reseller, consultancy, manufacturer).

Since our inception in 2001, we have been first and foremost a service provider. In our world of IT and Sales Recruitment, this means we aim to provide a valuable, cost effective and ultimately rewarding solution to both client and candidate alike.

Above all WE DO NOT PLAY THE NUMBERS GAME! Simply put our CV to placement ratio has proved to be 3:1.

Therefore, if you are a UK, or EMEA client facing individual working in the IT Solutions arena, it is very likely we can add value to your career.


If you represent an IT vendor or supplier and anticipate beginning a recruitment campaign for client facing individuals to join you, it is very likely that we will have access to the highest qualified candidates.

Focusing exclusively on the IT suppliers sector, we work with the top 10% of commercial talent, consisting of "both non-active and active candidates" WORKIT resources for both senior and junior level commercial positions.

Roles we have recruited for include:

  • Vice President of Sales or Marketing, 
  • Country Managers, 
  • Sales Directors, 
  • Marketing Directors, 
  • Sales Managers, 
  • Product Managers, 
  • Marketing Managers, 
  • Business Unit Managers, 
  • Senior Sales Executives, 
  • Telesales and Telemarketing Executives, 
  • Presales Managers, 
  • Presales Executives, 
  • Post Sales Manager & Executives, 
  • Project Managers, 
  • Senior Trainers

Our approach in working with employers and employees alike is to offer a partnership approach in finding the right opportunity or employee and offering a quality driven and thorough service.