Global IT and Sales Recruitment - WorkIT Solutions Ltd - Terms & Conditions


 Terms and Conditions of Business for Contingency Recruitment Services


1.     Acceptance of Terms

      The work undertaken by WorkIT Solutions shall be subject to these terms and conditions and no variation thereof will be valid unless expressly agreed in writing by WorkIT Solutions . In any event the interviewing by the client of an applicant submitted by WorkIT Solutions shall be deemed to be unqualified acceptance by the client of these terms and conditions.

2.   Notification of Placement

      The client undertakes to notify WorkIT Solutions immediately on agreeing an engagement with any applicant on an employed, self employed, contractual or any other basis who has been introduced by WorkIT Solutions during the preceding 12 months and to pay WorkIT Solutions Limited fees as appropriate. If any introduction by WorkIT Solutions is not acted on by the client but is referred by the client to another person and results in employment being offered on any basis the client shall nonetheless be responsible for the fees of WorkIT Solutions as mentioned herein.

3.   Fees

      Fees payable to WorkIT Solutions for introduction of staff are 20% of the value of the commencing remuneration package of the successful candidate and are subject to Value Added Tax. The expression "commencing remuneration package" shall mean the aggregate of basic salary and any guaranteed commission/bonuses, and any other benefits of employment which will fall to be taken into account in computing the tax liability of the employee concerned. 

4.   Invoicing and Payment Terms

      Fees become payable on the successful applicant taking up employment on any basis with the client and will be invoiced to the client on the agreed date of commencement of the applicant for settlement in full within fourteen days of invoice date. Failure to settle any invoice within fourteen days of invoice date will terminate any discount entitlement and an invoice for the balance due will be issued. WorkIT Solutions reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 3% per month or part thereof.

5.   Refunds

      In the event of the employment of the successful applicant being terminated for any reason within 12 weeks after commencement WorkIT Solutions may in its discretion offer a rebate of 1/12th of the fee for each complete week that the period of employment falls short of 12 weeks, provided that such a rebate shall in no circumstances be payable if the said fee shall not have been paid on the due date or if notice of termination of employment shall not have been given to WorkIT Solutions within 7 days after such termination. In any event, should termination of employment take place within 2 complete weeks after commencement a minimum administration fee of £400 shall be payable by the client to WorkIT Solutions.

6.   Liability

      Whilst WorkIT Solutions will make every possible endeavour to assess the ability and suitability of each applicant WorkIT Solutions does not warrant such suitability and accordingly the importance of interview and taking up references must be emphasised. WorkIT Solutions Limited accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused arising in any way from or in connection with the introduction or engagement of any applicant introduced by WorkIT Solutions to any potential employer.

 7.  Confidentiality

      The client undertakes to WorkIT Solutions not to take up references for any applicant without obtaining the consent of the applicant.

8.       Jurisdiction

      These terms and conditions are governed under English law.