What we do

Executive Search 

Executive Search is the means by which key strategic individuals are identified via research and/or personal networking for a particular role. The key defining criteria will usually be personal reputation and achievement, combined with particular expertise or knowledge of a specific industry or professional skill. Invariably the target individual will not be actively seeking a new position.

Following pre-qualification, the individual will be approached and the opportunity presented to them. It is down to the skill of the Consultant to gain the interest of the target individual in the opportunity and to subsequently present the individual to the client. 

Recruitment Management (Outsourcing) 

When a company outsources a recruitment assignment to WorkIT Solutions, it can do so with complete confidence. An assignment of this type draws on our entire range of skills and expertise and is conducted using a tailored mixture of the other services listed. Regardless of whether the assignment is physically located on our premises or those of our client, we seek to become an integral part of the client organisation, with both parties benefiting from close, cooperative team work. The parameters can vary and can include WorkIT Solutions working within a defined budget - just as a client would expect its own Recruitment Department to operate.

Recruitment Management is ideal for an extensive and/or protracted recruitment exercise. For smaller, growing organisations where recruitment is so vital but no dedicated recruitment resource exists, it offers an, economical solution to recruitment without permanent overhead, and can be provided on an ad hoc or long term basis.

Selection Through Advertising 

Through this service we offer our clients the benefit of our expertise in several, and a variety of different ways. WorkIT is highly experienced in running successful advertising based recruitment campaigns. We know the advantages and disadvantages of most major publications (trade and national) for any given role, we also know where to look and what to look for in lesser known publications when looking to recruit extremely specialised skills. We are accomplished at authoring effective, professional advertisements that deliver the right message. Over the years we have continued to refine our management and administration procedures which ensure that every applicant, successful or unsuccessful, is left with a warm and positive impression of our client.

The norm is for us to evaluate all applications, screen interview selected candidates, making positive referrals as appropriate. Our involvement continues throughout the selection process in a supportive and consultative capacity.

Managed Agency 

For any given recruitment initiative WorkIT Solutions forms compact, efficient teams of recruitment agencies, carefully selected to give balanced, focused and yet maximum coverage. Where there are a variety of roles involved, parallel teams are formed comprising agencies with the relevant profile for the skills that need to be recruited. In addition to forming these teams, a major part of our role is to manage and motivate them, ensuring the best supply of candidates possible. This process commences with the preparation and delivery of high calibre yet focused information.

As with Selection Through Advertising, the norm is for WorkIT Solutions to evaluate all applications, screen interview selected candidates, making positive referrals as appropriate. Our involvement continues throughout the selection process in a supportive and consultative capacity. Of course we can accommodate variations of the norm according to individual client requirements. 

Register Search 

Sadly so frequently unprofessionally delivered, Register Search is often considered by end recruiters as grossly inefficient and consequently extremely over priced. Conducted properly however, this method is an incredibly powerful recruitment tool. At WorkIT Solutions the same rigorous standards employed for any of the services we offer are adhered to when undertaking Register Search. Clients therefore enjoy the power of our database secure in the knowledge that each and every CV they receive from us will be of a candidate who has been: screened, briefed on the opportunity, and who has instructed us to make an application on his or her behalf.

As with all our services, we aim to maintain an optimum ratio of CV put forward, to client interview, to offer, to acceptance.